More art to share

Just going to share a couple more pieces that are in the portfolio of  Please visit the site for commission info and crowdfunded projects.  We’re just getting off the ground, but do stay tuned because there will be lots of events, weekly specials, and works in progress, all hosted in a very interactive environment.  I prize the personal touch and love meeting and communicating with all of you lovely people, so come sign up and say hello!

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Introducing SilverFlame Graphics

SilverFlame Graphics is a new crowdfunded creativity endeavor by me, artist Amyla Robbins.  I am a digital artist who specializes in fantasy and faerie-themed art and illustration.  I offer commissions, weekly events such as Discounted Sketch Days, and various crowdfunded projects, some of which will utilize Kickstarter.  The site has membership capability with profiles and a small forum, and I encourage user participation and interaction.  Come join up and stay tuned for exciting projects and artistic meanderings!

Here is a small sample of my digital painting work.  Follow this blog for updates, sketches, and artwork.

I hope you all enjoy what you see, and I welcome you to the site!


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